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Miguel Coiz is a professional pianist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music composer, music director, and studio engineer originally from Madrid, Spain.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, holding two Honorary Awards, two music degrees and a specialization in conducting.


As an orchestrator and arranger, he has arranged for major artists, among them multi Grammy Award artists, from Spain, Latin America and the US.


As a composer he composed music for numerous international brands, including Nike, University of Phoenix, Natixis, Maison Abriza, Hulu, Marriott, Budlight, TurboTax, Diet Coke, Culligan Water, Cox Homelife, among other.

As a music copyist he has worked for the leading music score preparation company in the world, Joann Kane Music Service.

As an engineer he has worked in the most important studios in the world, recording for numerous blockbusters and popular TV Shows including: “Once” (Disney), “Nostalgia” (Hugo Armstrong), “Just Getting Started” (Morgan Freeman), “Film Starts Don’t Die in Liverpool” (Annette Bening), “The Spy Who Dumped Me” (Mila Kunis), “Life Itself” (Olivia Wilde), "Jackie" (Natalie Portman); "Power Rangers", "The Shack" (Sam Worthington); “Good Time” (Robert Pattinson), to name but a few. He has also worked in the making of video games such as LEGO The Incredibles (Disney), Seven Knights (Netmarble Games), and Lineage II (NC Soft).

Currently residing in Los Angeles, speaks fluent French, Italian, Spanish and English; and basic Portuguese and Japanese.


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